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ZER0 - Joker Asylum





Beat made by Just Landed Audio and song is also edited by Just Landed Audio Lyrics Verse 1 I feel this pain every single day In my soul And my heart to stay In my head The thoughts replay The memories hidden inside my brain Locked away Cuz they never fade They always come back I can't escape I tried my best to find my way I tried my best But the pain never fades I made a house To keep myself safe I hide my memories my love and pain I locked it inside And it never goes away I made my own cage with regrets as chains Lost in thoughts Torturing my brain Losing hope And losing faith But I keep on Fighting against The feelings I have Fighting my own self It's so dark in my mind Try to run and try to hide Try to find that spark of light Am I wrong or am I right seeing reality but being blind Hearing the truth but believing lies Feeling no emotions deep inside Wearing a mask so I can hide A fake identity with a fake life Seeing the world through black and white Even tho I closed my eyes Stuck in my past but losing time Can't control this heart of mine Who am i What can i be Living a lie Or the truth unseen Wanting to die Wanting to leave I'm losing my mind I'm losing my feels I don't have time My fate's been sealed The Truths I hide I can't believe I lost this fight What happened to me Verse 2 I'm a lost boy with a lost soul Seeing what is right but doing it wrong Losing my sanity and losing control Is it bad luck or just my fault That I'm stuck here in the cold Trying to find my way in this storm But can't seem to find a way to go Trying to go up but getting more low I think it's time That I find the light Cuz pain and regret is all that shines Inside my life it's so bright Lost in the day and broken at night All I do is trying to survive All I do is trying to fight All I do is trying to rise Up from the ashes from my own demise Trying to hold on But I have no control Trying to go on But I can't seem to go Trying to stay strong But I have lost it all Trying for so long But I have lost all hope Well I don't know This is who I am Lost in my thoughts And inside regrets Living life But being dead Always smile But always sad Always locked up Inside my own head no one will ever understand There is absolutely nothing left You can't even comprehend The pain and mysteries That made this man This very person that I am broken pieces and respect A joker asylum surrounded by flesh