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MatteoPalacios - Lyrics: My Hon' (My Love)





Can be it's own original song with the right vocals and arrangement. Letra: Sometimes I wonder why she acts so sly and aloof but anyway she never bothers me. In any case, I'll step back and say-- (Coro) She's my hon' My only one' The only thing that's good for me. Much better than a drink. And nothing else. When I'm feeling low, she smashes me high and tells me she'll cheer me through the blues and greens cause anyhow. She's my hon My only one. The only face I'll ever want to see when she hugs me while were walking. Though she tries to hide that infectious smile, but I know it's understood she can talk to anyone else. I hope she doesn't. I wanna pass her tri-al. Cause she's my hon' The only one, I hope never leaves. So, basically, she's evergreen. My hand will never stop holding-- My hon' (slow) sweetens me hoo-ooh She's the only woman for' a me.