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MatteoPalacios - Song Idea





Vocalists and Instrumentalists breathe life into my lyrics. Letra: There’s an angel staring through the wall In a midnight coffee shop I’m sitting there alone My shirt is torn I look around and see the greatest god Paper and plastic The Brights and the Blonds take such pride in our word. The smiling, snickers, and people look at me as they chatter An exotic, paisa, living in his own country as an extern Off for the curb I see the angel follow and old man pushes a trolley cart Glint in his eye shows he past sorrow, he’s shadow not given even a kind word Where do I go? I ask around. They sneer evermore, but they don’t know I’m talking to an angel No paper in my pocket no fake Christian god As I ask the angel What is life for? Why these feet stamp the concrete evermore? I expect a smile as the plastic queens shrug and smirk They wet their lips dangling their pearls... I feel pushed out the door. The angel stretchs out an arm I hear a voice that says ya’ to walk just a little more Compa’ Clinking of cups and chattering car horns honk at me, I stumble across the street The angel says you’re rest has been earned. You’ve chosen to be homeless as your worth. Your rest has been earned. You know what life means to live it all, walk with me, let them seethe. Walk with me your rest with me is earned. You live what others dream. You know what this life is worth. Walk and talk to me. Your rest cannot be bought nor sold. Walk with me. Rest has been earned. It placed a hand and took hold of me. Come walk and I’ll show you what this life is for. Rest you’ve earned in my arms you’ll no hate or harm. Come up with me to the stars. Don’t worry about tomorrow an angel will you see through. You’ve rejected the riches. Come on’ you got wings. Everyone does, those who possess can never see ‘em. Look with my eyes fly up, join me. Here’s your worth. An angel sees ya’ Hook— On the hard curb (kerb), I crack my head and stumble They swoop me up in their wings. And through it all, when I feel my heart will crumble, they come up and carry me and pick me off my knees. An angel says they’re like me, except now I can see my own wings