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Euna - Song - Make Me





I need help with the sounds and music! I like piano sounds please! I'm a song writer, I write Korean and English lyrics! I will also post it on youtube! So I hope someone helps me! :3 Message me so we can plan it out! I will send the lyrics and if you can, please arrange the lyrics on the right beat, then send it to me, if you want you can post it on youtube and send me the link, I'm still warming up and practicing my voice because I can't sing that well! :3 I can write Korean and English lyrics, the best collab I want is making a kpop song and it's name is Make Me, just add like a little Kpop vibe to it! It will be amazing! If I won't be able to sing it, I might also need some help with singing! Like, three people helping each other! :3