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Torben Scharling - Torben Scharling





Independent International Producer|Mixer|Sound Designer|Audio Engineer|Recording & Production Studio Owner. Vocalist|Composer|Bassist|Pianist|Ableton|Push|Guitar|OBS|Team Viewer|Discord|MacOS|Windows 10|Assistant|Online Collab Equipment list: 8700K Desktop MacBook Pro RME sound cards 9632 & Babyface Focusrite sound card DSP 24 Pro Keys: PCR-800 & A-50 Arturia BeatStep Ableton Push 1 Ableton Push 2 Novation Nocturn Boomerang Phrase Sampler III Warrior Soldier 5-String Fretless Electric Bass Gibson SG clone Electric Guitar Handmade Double Neck 4string fretted bass & guitar RØDE M3 Mic Audio Technical M50X Sennheiser 280 Pro Broad DAW and VST expertise