How To Promote Your Music One Tweet At A Time

By Amanda Relyea-Voss, Wed, May 19, 2021

When you’re a musician, you’re busy. You’re writing music, recording it, performing it, and on top of all of that, you’re promoting it. Promoting your music is just as vital to your career as the music itself. Twitter—along with many other social media platforms—is an amazing tool to do just that. Here is how you can use Twitter to promote your music one tweet at a time.

Having a Plan

To remain consistent and professional with your tweets, you’re going to want to commit to a content calendar and schedule your tweets in advance.

“If you’re using social media to promote your music, that’s amazing! But simply posting for the sake of it can end up doing you more harm than good. You can’t just post illusive, un-optimized content with an emoji as the caption and hope for the best—you need a plan!” – Remix

A Content Calendar

A content calendar can seem like a huge task to take on at first, but it will earn all the time and energy you spent on it very quickly. It’s the key thing to keeping your social media organized, consistent, and less stressful for you to manage.

Like A Voss Social Media outlines how to use a content calendar effectively by doing things such as:

  • Choosing a format
  • Determining post frequency
  • Planning ahead
  • Keeping a content library

Scheduling your Tweets

There are many online programs out there to schedule your tweets with such as TweetDeck. It’s very important to schedule your tweets according to when your analytics show your followers are more active. Posting at inconvenient times just might be the thing that ruins your audience engagement.

“To maximize consumer engagement on social media and know when to schedule your content on Twitter most effectively, you have to understand your current publishing habits and alter them based on what will provide the highest return. Doing this will create a more interactive online presence and save you time.” – Like A Voss Social Media


Consistency is key. Whether you choose to tweet once a day or once an hour, stick to that schedule.

“Consistency is vital when growing your Twitter account as a musician. Fans want to follow an active account. Active accounts show that you like to keep followers updated on your latest music endeavors.” – Xttrawave

You don’t want to post too often or too little either. Posting fifty times a day is very excessive but posting once a week might make you easy to be missed. Posting a few times a day is often good enough.


Unlike social media platforms such as Instagram, one of the most common and important uses of Twitter is to retweet other content that you find interesting. Of course, it’s still good to do this on Instagram, but it’s much less vital than on Twitter. Instagram is about you, Twitter is about you and voices you relate to.

“There’s an unwritten rule in the Twitter world: you share my content, I’ll share yours. By retweeting, you’re earning karmic points and increasing your chances that you’ll get followed back.” – Hypebot

As a smaller musician, it’s good to support other smaller musicians. It creates community and also increases the chance of them promoting you, too.

Engage With Your Followers

You can’t just be a constant advertisement for your music. You have to make your tweets interesting, things that your followers will want to interact with. On top of that, you want to interact back!

“If you’re using social media as an advertising billboard or your calls to action are too frequent, you will come across as spammy and either get muted or unfollowed by genuine fans. There is no need to say “follow me” or “click the link” in every caption. The link in your bio will get traffic naturally if you post engaging content since fans will click through to your profile more regularly.” – Remix

Engaged fans are the people that are going to promote you. The more that your fans feel appreciated, the more they’ll talk about you!

Just like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and any other big social media platform, a musician wants to be on Twitter. You want to promote your music on Twitter and that means doing it right!


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