Getting started with collaborations and Verce

By Kris, Wed, Apr 29, 2020

The best way to describe Verce is to call it a complete social media channel for musicians and creatives. It’s the place where artists connect to collaborate, exchange knowledge, provide music services and share their music. Does this sound interesting? We know. Join us, creating a community for fellow musicians. By now, you’ve probably already signed up to use Verce, either in your browser or on your phone with our app from app store or Play store. Although it may be a little overwhelming to see all the features present in Verce, we’re sure that it will help you develop as a musician or an artist.

Getting launched in the uniVerce

To kickstart your journey in the uni(verce) (see what we did there? ;) ) you will be presented with a tab based design the first time you sign in. Here you can easily find what you're looking for. Are you looking for projects to join in on, or need a music service like mastering, mixing, studio rental or so, you can just browse through the tabs. And by using the filter, it’s super easy to find exactly what you are looking for. You will quickly get the point and start connecting. You can explore and discover new music from up and coming talents, or simply upload your own music for others to discover. Follow your favorite artists, like their music, chat with them in the message room.

On the left side of your screen (on desktop only - in the menu on mobiles and tablets) you have the sidebar menu. Here you’ll have full control of most actions: See your previous activity, inbox, personal profile, our articles and last but not least, the smartlink page. Don’t know what smartlinks is? Read about Verce links here (It’s the best way to share and manage all your streaming links and social media accounts in one single shareable URL, it’s basically a must have!

Verce matchmaking

Verce music collaborations are highly dependent on what we call “matches'' and auditions. This means that users who register their own projects or services, and that “like'' each other's project/service, will instantly be matched. Verce automatically creates a collaboration room for you and your match, and you’re all set to start working. Here you can manage your shared files, send pictures, stems or whatever you like, as well as chat messages. We believe that having this room makes the collaboration process super clean and effective. When you’ve finished the collab, simply mark it as “complete” and you’ll have the choice of adding it to the talent pool for a Verce social media shoutout.

But what if I don’t instantly match with any artist? No worries! By liking projects, Verce will send a notification to the project owner, telling them you’re interested. This way they can directly contact you. OR, you can (and should) go to your activity page, and send an audition to that exact project. The project owner will then decide if they want to connect and work together with you. That way you can secure a match anyways, even if it means a little more work from your side.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to get started. All it takes is a little bit of courage and some willingness to succeed, then you’re pretty much set for a fantastic collab.

What about sharing my music?

The sharing platform is made for all of you who want to showcase your music and tunes. Both presenting it to fellow musicians, or those who want to get it featured on Verce Instagram through the talent pool. By getting users to engage in your music it may appear on the trending list and make you known in the community, which will generate followers. Which is great for connecting with the right artists to work with.

Your tracks will appear on the “More like this” column when other musicians explore tunes and are listening to Verce music. Visit a song landingpage to discover tunes and find tracks related to the same genre, it’s easy and it’s an awesome way to get inspiration from all the other talents to get you started on your own projects.

What now?

We know it can be difficult to get started with collabs, and get engagement on your content. But give it some time and we’re sure a match will happen. And if you got questions, we’ve tried to answer all frequently asked questions on our help page, which you can read here.

We wish you the best of luck! Keep creating, stay awesome!

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