Engaging Content Ideas For Musicians To Share On Social Media

By Amanda Relyea-Voss, Sun, Oct 03, 2021

As a musician on social media, it can be difficult to come up with regular and engaging content. Once you’ve created your account, shared your latest music, and exhausted your tour date announcements, what’s next? Since your fans love it when you share your life with them, here are some engaging content ideas that musicians can share on social media!

Share Lyrics On Social Media

Whether they’re your own words or lyrics from your favourite band, who doesn’t love a good quote? You can share them as a graphic text image or in the captions of your posts. “Use lyrics on social media to engage fans. Include lyric snippets in your social media posts and tweets, when you share a video or audio track, when you post a picture from a gig, rehearsal, studio session, or epic brunch.” – TuneCore. At Remix, we even do lyric trivia and ask our followers to name that classic tune! Take a look at our Instagram feed to get inspired!

Share Behind-The-Scenes Content On Social Media

Behind the scenes content is our favourite type of content for busy clients. It requires little to no prep and can even be repurposed from older material. “Whether you’re traveling across the country or just sitting in the studio, don’t neglect the power of a candid snapshot. Such posts are windows into your world and are much more entertaining than 99% of what’s probably already in your followers’ feeds.” – Social Sprout
So don’t be afraid to get vulnerable with your fans and show them a side of you that’s less polished.

Share Themed Posts On Social Media

Themed posts make great content because your audience already knows what to expect and how to engage with it. “Start populating your band’s social media channels with relevant posts for commonly searched hashtags like #MotivationMonday, #MusicMonday, #ThrowbackThursday, and #SundayFunday. – Band Zoogle
Pay attention to the themes your fans respond best to and try a hand at creating some of your own – they just might catch on!

Share Their Pets On Social Media

This one is pretty simple. If you have an adorable furry friend, shine the spotlight on them with a feature! “…who doesn’t love that cute, little puppy of yours? Pet posts get [lots of] likes so if you have one then show it off to the world.” – Open Mic UK
You can even take it one step further. If you’re feeling particularly confident about your pet’s potential stardom, make an account dedicated to just them! You’d be surprised at how many celebrity’s pets have their own social media accounts! While your music is what you’re selling online, it’s not the only thing about you. So don’t worry if your posts don’t all have to do with your latest track, chances are, your fans are actually craving something more personal!


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