7 Best free tools and resources for musicians in 2021

By Kris, Sat, Nov 20, 2021

Limited resources and low budgets have been a challenge for many musicians over the years. During several lockdowns and the general pandemic, it’s become even harder to do music full time with the sudden absence of gigs and projects. Still great new tools and resources enter the market, and more often than not they’re very pricey. But it’s actually a quite good market for free tools and resources out there. Here we’ve listed our favorites and we will try to explain what makes these great alternatives to their pricey competitors.

1. Free Plugins List (247 Best Free VST Plugins Ever) By Landr

Okay, so we’re actually talking about 247 high quality VST pluginsprice of zero dinero that you can go download for a neat price of zero dinero. Landr has done us a favour by listing all their preferred free plugins, and the collection has some gold! Our favorite is the DSK The Grand powerful grand piano, a powerful grand piano with convincing sound and plenty of adjustment. We also need to mention the Ample Handpan Percussion Cloudrum super moody steel tongue sounds which delivers super moody steel tongue sounds and wonderful tones.

We strongly recommend you to read the full list from Landr and test some of the VSTs yourself!

2. Free Images to use in all your artwork or content on social media

I think we all have been there, downloading and “borrowing” an image from Google image search. The reality is that those images aren’t necessarily free to use and in the worst case you can get sued or invoiced for stealing content and using it on your channels. Luckily there are actually options that are far better with fantastic “free to use” photographs and videos. Unsplash and Pexels are literally the big guns, with Unsplash having the best photos in our opinion, and Pexels having premium quality videos as well. Feel free to make awesome content for your social media channels or create amazing artwork for your next music releases!

3. Separate vocals and music from any song - Vocali.se

A quite new tool on the market, but still fairly amazing is Vocali.se. A tool where users can upload an audio file and in one click separate vocals and instruments from any song. We were surprised by the great quality of the separated audio, and can strongly recommend it to any musician who’s looking for a way to get an acapella for a remix, or an instrumental to do a cover version. As Vocali.se is pointing out, it’s almost impossible for an algorithm to make a perfect separation, and a slight loss in fidelity is to be expected using the tool. Audio post-processing is preferred to enhance the quality by using one of the many software solutions available. You should definitely give it a try.

4. Free music distribution service

Getting your music out on all the streaming platforms can be quite time consuming and expensive. Luckily there are options that are budget friendly and easy to use, or even better, completely free. We will mention Amuse as their service is really well made and makes it easy to distribute and publish your music to all the music stores and streaming platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Deezer and many more. They make distribution free via their mobile app, and best of all they let you keep 100% of your rights and royalties. Amuse’ free plan gives musicians the option of split royalties which is neat when collaborating with other artists. Up to twelve releases a year and your music is out in the stores in less than four weeks from your submission. Earlier we also wrote an article about all our favorite distribution services. Read it here to find good alternatives that might suit you better.

5. Online music collaboration platform

Online music collaboration is more popular than ever before and thousands of musicians all over the world search the internet in the hope of finding their next collaborator. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are often used, but time after time it shows that many artists are all about promoting their own music, business or selling their services. In Verce.me our goal is to make a social platform where all kinds of musicians can meet and network across their preferences, either it’s finding the next collaborator like a singer, producer, guitarist or a drummer. Or those who mainly want to sell their services like audio mastering, mixing or beats. Or even those who just want to have a good time and expand their network and horizon in an environment of fellow musicians.

6. Smartlinks / bio link tool for your music streaming links

We like to say it’s the only link you need. You may ask “what did you say?”, and you heard correctly. Linkpool.me is a new smartlink tool for musicians where you can collect all your streaming links in one single link. That link can be distributed to all your fans through social media and other channels. It lets your fans go directly to their preferred music streaming platform to listen to your track. Let’s say you’ve just released a new track and it’s available on all the big platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Youtube, Deezer Apple Music and so on. This means you now have to share at least multiple links to let your audience and followers listen to it. With a single smartlink through Linkpool, your audience instead enters the Linkpool and finds their preferred streaming platform. Then they simply click it to open your release instantly where they listen to music! It’s a perfect tool for bio links and links that are added in your social platform profiles!

7. Social media consultants for musicians

Okay, so this service ain’t free but it’s definitely worth checking out. If you’re a musician or a band that wants to be serious about your social media game, then you should consider booking a free discovery session with Remix. They are social media consultants specializing in helping musicians to grow their brand and audience. Get help to take control of your social media accounts and get ensured you’re using best practices to get the best possible exposure. There is no secret that being successful on social media is a huge advantage for up and coming musicians. If you’re not on top of that game yet, let experts from Remix guide you to a better presence in all channels worth using, and steadily grow your reach and engagement!

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