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Making online music collaboration easy.

If you're looking for collaborations, you've come to the right place. Verce makes it easy for musicians to connect and create music together, with artists from all over the world. Explore, connect, and start collaborating!

Grow your network & make music

Using Verce you can get in touch with musicians from all over the world. It's created for all of you who love to create music, but want to take it further and collaborate with other musicians. Connect, exchange knowledge, provide services and share your project for others to join. Does this sound interesting? We know. Join us, creating a community for fellow musicians.

Image of Verce ui
Image of Verce ui

Provide and discover free services

There are so many talented people in this world, who can help each other with all kinds of stuff. So, don’t stop making music because of a limited budget. In Verce you will discover loads of free music services from talented musicians who wants to help you out, but also make great music. If you're looking for services like mixing, mastering, production, or a vocalist on demand, it’s all gathered and accessible in Verce. Or you provide a service, share it in Verce, and start working with musicians worldwide.

How does it work

Check-iconConnect with talented musicians, collaborators and professionals.
Check-iconShare your music to artists, audio engineers, managers and labels.
Check-iconDiscover and follow the most up and coming talents around the world.
Check-iconUpload and keep track of stems and files for more effective collaboration.
Check-iconCustomize your projects with your own artwork.
Check-iconBrowse through and collaborate on thousands of collaboration projects.
Check-iconSend auditions to your favorite artists and or to the projects you like.
Check-iconGrow your network fast and effortlessly.
Check-iconMessage and share files privately through your own secure feed.
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