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Get in touch with fellow musicians, and start collaborating. It's never been easier to connect.

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Make Great Music While Networking

To bring your music career to the next level, music collaboration can be a great tool. By collaborating online, you’ll get in touch with fellow musicians, and can create awesome music together. It’s never been easier to collaborate on music.

At Verce, we connect musicians with perfect projects for them. As an artist, you’ll be able to submit auditions for online music collaboration, and for project managers, you can view multiples applicants to find the perfect fit.

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Access services & resources, or offer your own!

Join an online community of talented musicians. Unlock songwriting, vocals, instruments, mixing and mastering with just a couple of clicks. Verce has endless opportunities for you.

Are you a musician searching for a project? Let’s get you started today!

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Share Your Music With The World

Upload your first track and start expanding your audience. Give and receive feedback directly on your music, or connect with artists you think are interesting. Got some music? What are you waiting for?

Online music collaboration gives you exposure to a brand new audience. Grow your following and find out what music resonates most, and connect with musicians you enjoy too.

Ready to start collaborating online?

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— Join talented artists and submit your music to Verce Tunepool. Get the chance to be featured weekly on other social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We strive to give artists the exposure they deserve.

Verce Tunepool catapults you into a world of talented artists. Top tracks will appear on our social media platforms meaning your music can get further reach. Online music collaboration can take your music to that elusive next level.

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Check-iconConnect with great musicians and professionals worldwide.
Check-iconShare your talent through online music collaboration.
Check-iconLet a big music community discover your sound.
Check-iconExplore the most up-and-coming talents in music.
Check-iconUpload your stems, files, and resources to your private collaboration.
Check-iconCustomize your projects with your own artwork.
Check-iconExplore and take part in thousands of projects.
Check-iconCreate your own unique audition to impress the other project owners.
Check-iconGrow your network effortlessly.
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